i am a copywriter now.
i was a grad student at the university of texas at austin.

i think i should start at an earlier time though.

i am from the small appalachian city of cumberland, md.
i was forced to wear baby clothes as a baby.
i am mischievous.
i call my brother and sister molty and bonst, although their names are caitlin and dylan.
i led my first trip as a caving guide at the age of 16 with darrell spence; also of cumberland.
i created my own college degree at ithaca college, outdoor adventure leadership.
i lived on the blackfoot indian reservation in montana.
i was rescued from an island by the coast guard during a tropical storm.
i have taught mountaineering and survival courses for money.
i have climbed both mt. fuji and olympus.
i have a scuba diving and wilderness first responder certification.
i was deported from ecuador.
i ride my bike to work most days.

i speak spanish.
i can read hebrew.